Weddings are not cheap especially in London. How to find an affordable wedding videographer? My budget is limited, but we really want to film our wedding. Well, don’t worry. I can help you.

Few years ago, at Wedding Films London, I started offering my new Affordable Wedding Video Package. This package is designed for couples who wish to capture their beautiful day and get all the footage without any editing. This means you Only Pay Half of the cost of the full price!

All the footage is captured on the same professional equipment and in the same way, as I would film a standard wedding. After the wedding, I will transfer all the raw video to the USB flash drive and will send it to you by post. Once received you can watch it on your TV or a PC straight away. Usually you receive your raw footage within a week. Isn’t it great?

Now other great benefits of this “Just Filming” Package is that you can ask me to edit it whenever you ready! The cost will be cheap consider to a full price of a standard package. Or of-course you can edit yourself or ask your friend…

This package getting very popular and make sure you check my availability in advance.

The prices starts at £250 for 4 hour wedding in Central London.

Indian Wedding videographer in London. Wedding Films London

To find out the latest cost of this package please visit my page “Affordable Wedding Video Service in London“.

P.S. Back in 2007 I have bought tapes of our wedding from the videographer who filmed our wedding and edited myself. This is how I  actually started filming weddings. )