I make my own wedding DVD cases. It started a long time ago… Back in 2009 I couldn’t find beautiful DVD cases for different occasions. I was buying some from Ebay, but the quality and design wasn’t what I wanted, so I decided to make them myself. Couple of years later, I opened my own shop on Etsy and start selling them. Now I have customers all over the world which is great!

I have over 17 different DVD cover designs, plus I can make custom design from scratch for the client needs. Or sometimes they send me their own design and I print for them. Also, you can choose different type: single or double DVD case, DVD or CD disc and Standard DVD disc, Blu-Ray or Double layered (8.5Gb) DVD disc. I try to use white covers, but if you need black, then that’s not a problem.

Below are some images from the process of making DVD covers at my home.

Custom made wedding DVD cases

Wedding DVD cases. Process of making.

Wedding DVD insert. Custom made

beautiful wedding DVD cases, boxes

Ready to ship wedding DVD cases to a client

Please visit my shop at: “Milada company. Custom DVD covers for any occasion” and have a look my products. And if you need a special design, then please let me know!