Do You Need an Affordable Wedding Videographer in London?

Congratulations, you’re getting married! You want to commemorate your special occasion with video but you’re on a tight budget. Many couples today simply can’t afford a huge wedding, but still want to show their love for each other in marriage. If you’re searching for an affordable wedding videographer in London, then consider my option.

I believe you’ll be pleased with my rates for my budget wedding videographer services. I’m offering these services at lower cost to brides and grooms who want to have a video recording of their special day, as it’s the single most important event of a person’s life, and I think it should be recorded and shared.

It can be difficult to find a cheap London wedding videographer. There are hundreds of options out there. Some affordable wedding videographers in London focus on certain specialities. They may only video large weddings, and not film in small outdoor venues. I’m available to create all types of wedding videos for the occasion: wedding preparation, filming of ceremonies, post-wedding videos in the park, and the celebratory reception.

But you may be wondering how I can offer budget wedding videographer services in London? This is because I only film your wedding, and that’s it. No editing is involved. At the completion of the service the video or videos are transferred to a USB hard drive, which is included in my cheap London Wedding Videographer Package.

This means that you won’t get any titles, chapters, edited footage or wedding DVD cases. Some couples are fine with that. The way I film your wedding is very simple. Means there won’t be much to edit. Which is great, you can plug it to your computer or TV and play it as it is. I call this Natural filming, or Documentary style. Also some people enjoy editing their own videos. Other couples may simply want to have video filmed that they can enjoy between themselves, and not show to anyone. Or you can I ask me to edit it later when ever you want.

So what is the cost of Your Affordable Wedding Video Package?

There is no set price as every wedding is unique. Instead, I charge per hour you hire me. This is £60 per hour.

So average cost for Just Filming most popular weddings is £400. This actually is a minimum charge for my Just Filming Package. But normally this is enough to cover the whole wedding. From Bride and Groom preparation to The First Dance. And if you need me to stay longer, that’s fine, just ask on the day and we will discuss this option. I’m very flexible with that.

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Do You Offer Wedding Video Packages on Finance?


I know that weddings can be very costly. And you spent most of your money and realised that you forgot to hire wedding videographer to capture the beauty of your special day. Don’t worry with that. All I ask is to pay a minimum deposit to secure the day and let me know what kind of package you want.

After the wedding, I will keep your raw wedding video files on a separate hard drive for as long as you wish. And once you decide to edit it or just get a raw footage, let me know and we will discuss that option.

For example: You want me to capture your full wedding day from Bride and Groom Preparation until the End. That’s about 10 hours or my Platinum Package, plus 1 hour extra. Normally that would cost you £1000. Just pay me £300 to secure the day and that’s it. In two years time, you saved some extra money and decided to have your wedding to be edited. Just pay the remaining balance of £700. Or you just want your wedding video raw files, then just pay £300. (this can be less or more depending on the inflation).

I don’t charge interests on top!

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