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Affordable Wedding Video, Photo Explained

What's stands behind Affordable Wedding Video and Photo?   Since I started filming weddings in 2008 I heard Affordable Wedding Video, Photo phrase many times. But I never thought the true meaning behind this. Well, now after I filmed more then 200 weddings across...

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Jewish Wedding Video Explained

Why I love Jewish Wedding Video?   When I first filmed Jewish Wedding video in London, I was so tired, that on my next morning I barely could walk! But I also, was very impressed! I’m not sure if any other culture can match the same happy atmosphere like you get...

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Wedding Video Delivery Explained

Quite often my clients are asking me one particular question: "What will we get as our final wedding video?" Most wedding videographers in UK deliver their final wedding videos to the clients in particular format. At the moment there are 3 types of it. Wedding DVD...

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